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Internal Dialogue VI

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We’re being told that this enemy can not be reasoned with. We’re being told that Islamic fundamentalists can not be dealt with in any way other than force. We’re now sitting the middle of the biggest crap shoot in the modern era of warfare. For what purpose, for what reason? If you want to understand it, you have to follow the money. What industry of America is the only one truly raking in the big bucks, Big Oil. It’s so gotten out of hand.

I read this in the Cincinnati Post yesterday, “The news from Exxon Mobil established that the pattern was industry-wide. Royal Dutch Shell, the world's third-largest oil company, reported second-quarter profits up 34 percent. BP's were up 29 percent. ConocoPhillips, America's third-largest, reported profits that skyrocketed by 51 percent.” It all clicks, it all makes sense. The oil is being used to fuel the war itself, so what has essentially happened is that we’ve witnessed the ushering in of the first great global oil rush.


Why are you looking at me like that?

You had me, right up until that point...
What do you mean, "the first global oil rush?"

Yeah, it just sounds... I don’t know, a little to grand for me.
Well I don’t know, I consider the issue to be rather grand. I mean the debate isn’t over conservation, it’s about consuming and spending at a massive rate. The oil industries in America have individual economies that rival other countries. Can you imagine just one day having to spend 30% of your paycheck on the place where you’re employed, and having the legal backing to institute a national policy doing just that. That is what we’re working towards, as the free market economies of the world slowly devour themselves we‘re consistently privatizing more and more areas of our government. They’re making record profits in order to be able to fund an agenda, a conservative agenda based on pure gluttony.

Okay, I can see you’re all worked up about this...
Well I never hear anyone mention the talks that took place between the American government and the Taliban concerning pipelines. This war started because of those pipelines, not because of a terrorist attack, not for the safety of the country. A bunch of oil giants sat down in a room and said we’re going to drain your land and pay you 20%, and they said no. Thus you have Dubya making a grand speech before the United Nations, and boom... the first pre-emptive war in the nations history.

You’re just pissed because you have to pay more at the pump.
Well it was at 2.36 a gallon last night. Fifteen buck buys you about 6.3 gallons of gas, it’s sad.

Well what are you doing that requires needing so much gas?
Well going to and from work, the store, and just getting around in general. You have to buy gas, it’s the one thing you truly have to buy. You don’t have a choice.

Well couldn’t you walk to the store, and try to bike to work?
I suppose, but it’s a few miles away. I could do it during the summer, but once winter comes I’m going to be using my car. What I am supposed to do then?

Perhaps you can be frustrated about it, let it eat away inside you until you can’t actually have a normal conversation anymore. Let it dictate a certain level of stress to you, to your life. You can either let it consume you or you can simply rise above it.
It’s hard to rise above 2.36 a gallon. I might as well be pouring gallons of milk into my gas tank at that price.

Can you survive without a car?
Man, certainly not living in the...

No, don’t answer for your environment. Answer simply for yourself. Could survive on this planet if you didn’t have any access to a motor vehicle?
I suppose I could.

Then why not try to incorporate that thought into how you live your life. Don’t just be another bitchy consumer, do something about it. It may be the gas prices that are pissing you off, but look at how researched you are on the subject. You’ve drawn up the numbers and plotted this whole conspiracy. Congratulations, you have obtained knowledge about an issue, now what are you going to do with it?
Well it serves to inform other about what’s going on.

But then what? What are you hoping to achieve by educating the people around you. What is the end point of awareness and the beginning of action?
Well... information is power in this day and age.

Yes, but only if that energy is applied in a direction, simply presenting information doesn’t sway the outcome.
Then what would you suggest.

Well there is an end point to all of this, as there is to anything. If you’re tired of paying for gas prices, then the logical conclusion is that you should no longer pay for gas. Move out to a small town, get yourself a mountain bike, and live off the land. Buy yourself an electric car or a new hybrid. Do something other than filling up your tank, while complaining about it. Complaining is venting frustration, frustration casts negative energy on to everything around you. Vanquish your frustration, instead of letting it fester and vent.
So we should all just all migrate to the country life right?

It depends on the person, you just can’t let yourself become a victim. The only truth is your perception, by changing you open the door to new possibilities other than feeling frustrated and victimized.
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