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Sorry I haven't posted a new topic yet. Been getting over my…

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Sorry I haven't posted a new topic yet. Been getting over my vacation, and I still need to write something there. Anyway, I've also been somewhat sick, so there we have a new topic - sickness. I figure since I'm posting this mid-week, we should let this topic run for a week and a half.

Have fun!

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On August 21st, 2005 06:13 pm (UTC), codymt commented:
I am married to a care giver.
I am married to Koalaman and he takes care of people that are sick, ranging from sniffles to near death or mental illness to domestic abuse. I cannot imagine the responsibility he feels or the stress that this puts on him. You know how people say not to bring work home with you? I don't think that will ever be a statement he can live by since his work is so emotionally charged and draining at times. Of course taking care of sick people can be rewarding and setting someone on to the right path to getting well is one example of that.
I will always hold dear to me a story of a patient that he had. There was a man who entered the ER, knew of his terminal illness, as well as his wife, and came in near the end of his journey here on earth. The ER was silenced enough, at that time, that the nurses as well as my husband could hear this man singing to his wife "I did it my way". This brought everyone to tears, in this case not much could be done for the man, but he gave to everyone an experience and a true gift to carry forward. Now, to this day, we can't hear the song without shedding a tear and remembering this man and his wife.
There are some situations that I am told about that are just wild. A woman came to the ER in labor, made it as far as the parking lot and my husband delivered her healthy baby in the front seat of their car. Later he was asked if it was a boy or girl, he didn't know. To busy taking care of them to have noticed.
I have always found his profession honorable and know that it takes a truly gifted man (or woman) to care for others the way he does. Whether or not he knows how much he is appreciated or respected by others I know that I see the man behind the professional side and I respect and appreciate this man to the highest degree not only for what he does, but for who he is.
On a personal note, if I get sick (have a cold, sinus infection etc) I get cared for, nurtured, and coddled until well. If I get hormonal from menopause, pms, I get understanding and patience. If I get a severe headache or pain from my gallbladder, I get apathy.
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