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This might offend.

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Almost all of the men I've ever known are total babies when they get sick. Except for my father. When he is sick, he won't tell you, until he is practically dead. He'll lie and say he didn't cough, didn't throw up, whatever.

This is what happens when I get sick. I get up in the morning and pack all the lunches, after washing my hands 75 times to make sure I'm not spreading my germs. I take kids to school, I do laundry, I run the vacuum cleaner. In short, most of my normal things get done. Things just have to get done. If I'm feeling really lousy then I do tend to become really friendly with the pizza man. Now that both boys are in school, I did get to take a short nap on Tuesday. That was a treat. Because usually, even if I'm sick, there just isn't time. I do go to bed early when I'm sick, it just makes good sense.

But now let's talk about men getting sick. Ok yes, I'm generalizing the behavior of the men I have known to "most men." But my girlfriends will tell me that their husbands are the same way.

My husband caught the same bug that I am still dealing with. It includes fever and a sore throat and a good deal of throwing up (for me). So I went to the store ill this morning and brought home gatorade and nyquill for him. And he stayed home from work and slept all day. And every once in a while he will get up out and bed and shuffle to the kitchen all pitiful like. And ask for a snack, or a drink refill, or somesuch. Must be nice.

I think the real problem is that the men I know need better training. Go ahead, be a baby when you're sick. But be fully prepared to coddle your wife/girlfriend/significant other in the same way. Just another thing to add to the list of things to try to teach the boys.
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