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So for this first post, I'm going to cheat. The entire impetus for the beginning of this community was my desire to read an essay that I'd originally written for the original Dorkshop to see where I was versus where I am. That's the essay I want to use to kick this thing off, despite the fact that it's six years old, so the topic for the week is going to be "Belief". You can take any approach to the topic you would like, and I'll wait to post my first essay until we've gotten a few other submissions or until one week has passed. That way, I don't unduly influence what other people may deem as an "appropriate" essay on the topic. I want to see what sorts of things other people come up with before I toss what I've already produced in the ring. Don't want to muddy the waters from the get-go, if you will.

After a week has passed, we'll pick up with a new topic and go again. If I'm the only one who ever posts essays here, it will probably be a pretty boring community indeed, but at least I'll have some writing samples handy. So please, join, participate, and enjoy. Let's see how long we can keep it up, eh?
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