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When I was of the working world all I longed for was vacation. Nevermind that I was too strapped to actually go anywhere. Nevermind that for me vacation was a week at home with my boys, playing, and laughing, and making up for all of the time that I missed while the boys were raised by a random daycare. Vacation consisted of sleeping in, going to the park, fixing blueberry cobbler for dinner... all manner of things that I had no time to do. Cause I was a working girl. A single mom type working girl to be exact.

According to the definition above, I am now on permanent vacation. I spend everyday with my boys. My sweet nephew comes here so that I can help my sister raise him instead of a random daycare. We take library trips, and we swim, and we go to the park, and have movie dates with other stay at home moms (SAHMs). It's everything I ever wanted in a vacation.

But today the rules changed. Last year I had one boy in school. But now there are two. This morning I dropped both of my sons off for their first days of first grade and kindergarten. Once we arrived at the classroom they had no need for me. They held hands, and skipped off, laughing and talking about how cool it was to be in school together. Together. When we got to the kindergarten classroom, my baby found his backpack hook, found his desk, and proceeded to tell me bye without a backward glance. My older son did basically the same. Apparently I have raised two independent, confident boys.

Vacation isn't so much fun anymore.
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On August 9th, 2005 12:16 am (UTC), nonspecific commented:
Awwww... one more year for me.
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