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That · American · (or · not) · Life

A week has almost gone by, and I'm going to be the first post...

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Theme: Belief

Let me preface it by saying that this is what I believe, and I think everyone finds their own meaning to life. I'm not trying to impose that on anyone. Also, I recently saw What the Bleep Do We Know, but this was written long before that. These are beliefs I've had for almost 10 years. That being said--

I believe that the ultimate goal to life is balanced giving and receiving of positive energy. These thoughts started when I was about 17-18 or so. It began with my friend who I have recently started talking to again. He was full of these ideas that neither of us had an easy time putting into words. He told me about this class taught by Lydia Vandenbroeck, a woman from Holland. She took a meld of the teachings of Deepak Chopra and other aspects of quantum theory (defined as- A theory in physics based on the principle that matter and energy have the properties of both particles and waves, created to explain the radiation of energy from a blackbody, the photoelectric effect, and the Bohr theory, and now used to account for a wide range of physical phenomena, including the existence of discrete packets of energy and matter, the uncertainty principle, and the exclusion principle.) to form a basis for living and what the goals of life are. It's being aware of who you are and the effect that your body and mind have on the world around you.

If you think about it, every time you say something or move you are pushing energy (in the form of air particles vibrating) out to another human, whether 2 feet away or 2 miles. If you are angry your actions are most severe and, therefore, they send out a different pattern of waves or energy. That's why people can "feel" it when someone is in a bad mood. These theories that Lydia and Deepak, among others, teach are the basis of the whole system. In essence, you can convert those big waves that you make while talking or moving and concentrate them into the waves your brain makes while thinking. This sort of energy, in my opinion, is as powerful or more powerful than just physical waves. Your brain is a mighty tool.

When you think negatively, it effects your body, first and foremost. Negative thinking changes the patterns within you and creates harmful pockets that can effect your health. It also affects the people around you. When you think negatively, you are sending out negative energy to people around you. You become a black hole which eats all the positive and converts it to negative. When you think positive, you create a halo of positive energy that changes the energy of the people around you and helps them to convert their own negative to positive. Remember, this happens on a miniscule level out to a global and even universal level.

So, that being partially explained, my meaning of life:

As a universal world culture, most major religions hold an idea of a sort of utopia (garden of eden, nirvana, etc.). All beings react positively to love (aka- positive energy). I have heard the argument that life cannot consist of positive energy only, because life requires balance. What I believe is that a paradigm shift needs to happen. You cannot look at positive and negative as the balancing factor, but rather the giving and receiving of this energy as the balancing factor. When you fill your mind with positivity, your body will follow. You can raise your own health (mentally and physically) and the health of the people around you by being conscious of what you are exuding in the course of a day. You can control your own destiny. You can think your way to a better life. If you purposefully shift your energy to believing good things will happen and plan a positive day for yourself, unquestioningly, then it will happen.

So, the purpose to life, for me, is to strive to create positivity in myself in order to change the space around me on a local to a global level. I try to create a balance of giving and receiving in my relationships with all living things. I work on bettering myself, physically and mentally, through my thoughts and actions.
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On July 31st, 2005 05:03 am (UTC), airscale commented:
...and what a good first post it was.
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On August 1st, 2005 05:47 pm (UTC), newsedition commented:
Wonderful! Thank you!
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